SOLALA set (comic, 2 postcards, Japanese translation booklet)

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This is a set of a comic “SOLALA“, 2 postcards and Japanese translation booklet.
* If you need a Japanese translation, please select it from the options.

About comic:
This is the first autobiographical comic which Yuka Masuko was produced directly after moving to Germany in 2016.

- The life in Berlin was a full of surprise for her.
Her host mother was biting a raw pepper in the middle of the night, the first time she rode with a brake pedal and almost be run over by car, a freewheeling shopkeeper at the supermarket...
From a Japanese point of view, she describes the unusual things and objects she found while living in Berlin, a city with a free and spontaneous atmosphere.

SIZE: 14.8 cm x 210 cm
36 pages
full color offset
language: German
(with a extra issue of Japanese translations and descriptions)
made in Germany, 2016.
limited edition of numbered and signatured

About postcards:
A small scenery in Berlin from the world of SOLALA.

1. Am See
2. Mahlzeit



サイズ:14.8 cm x 210 cm

1. Am See (湖のほとり)
2. Mahlzeit (めしあがれ)