Art for Children Course


The course is ideal for ....

- developing children's creativity and sensitivity

- children to have joy and freedom for making things

- children to learn art in multiple languages (Japanese, English, German)

- Origami, Kamishibai, Takoage... experiencing a lesson using traditional Japanese crafts

I will contact you the day before each lesson of what you need.
Most of the time you can make with what you have at home.

For example
pencils / acrylic paints / cardboard / wood stick / coloured paper / clay / stickers / origami / glue / paper waste, etc...

What we do/play:
The course content is flexible and can be adapted to the children's personality, age and parental wishes.

For example...
- Crafts using everyday objects
- Improvised creative practice
- Teaching in Japanese, German or English
- Suggesting tasks and work for children
- Work together with parents


7 to 18 years old
(prescholars on request)

If you live in Halle/Leipzig, we will work at my house.
If you live outside of Halle/Leipzig, the lesson will take place online.
Depending on the dates, it is also possible to visit Leipzig, Berlin (extra for transport charge).

Time and course fees:

The first free consultation is about 30 minutes using online video chat.
Please tell us about your children's personality, your home environment and any special requests you may have.

Once you have made an official application, the lessons will takes 60 minutes and basically costs 40€ per lesson.
If children take course with brothers and sisters or with their friend at the same time, the lesson will costs 60€ per hour (30€ for each person).
The lessons are usually held once in a week or every two weeks.

-- Children's Reviews--

"very fun, new and interesting."

"I was excited to see how my drawing turns out. "

"I felt closer to Yuka because now I know what she likes and what she does in her work."

"She is outgoing person and easy to talk."

"It was good to have a feedback and talk about the works I've made."

If you would like a free initial consultation, please add this content to your cart and then enter the code below. The price of one lesson, normally 40€, will be waived.




Once you have registered, I will contact you to arrange a date.

(Please note that this does not constitute an official application.